Get the Advantage, Add Pilates to your Game

Get the Advantage, Add Pilates to your Game

Get the Advantage, Add Pilates to Your Game

by Ariel Hernandez, PMA-CPT
Master teacher/Educator/Presenter/Owner/Director
Fusion Fitness USA
Barre Bellas

Ariel Hernandez

The Pilates method presents complete and well-rounded benefits for the tennis player’s body by increasing core strength, balance, flexibility, agility, upper and lower body joint stability, concentration and control.
These benefits are translated into functional, therapeutic and athletic benefits including improved power, speed, and endurance.
More specifically, the Pilates method has improved rehabilitative benefits and decreased risk for overuse injuries for any and all sports related injuries. Shoulders are the most commonly used joints in the sport of tennis, and are often associated with overuse injuries.
Tennis strokes, such as the serve, are repetitive motions that require explosive movement. These types of movement often result in joint instability and are most often performed by the dominant side of the body.
Overuse of the dominant side typically produces a muscular imbalance, which throws the body’s natural balance off.

Many of you may be saying, “I take Pilates at my gym”. The truth is that true Pilates takes place on a reformer apparatus which gives the participant more beneficial support than Mat (floor) Pilates. The Reformer helps to promote proper spinal Alignment and overall symmetrical body conditioning.

At my studio, Fusion Fitness USA in Lake Mary, we offer most of the Pilates apparatus and we bring The Pilates Principals in every aspect of our training to the client. Our new Barre Bellas studio which opens January 12, 2015, offers Barre fitness classes with Pilates techniques and principals. Both Barre and Pilates (Reformer) are safe for anyone, barring major injury.

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Authored by: Donna Siskind

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