Let’s Get This Show on the Road Ladies

Let’s Get This Show on the Road Ladies


So after spending 10 years playing ladies league tennis I have developed some “pet peeves”. Those of you who know me might be shocked to hear this, NOT. Nevertheless I do have them. The one that continues to make the top of my list is the ritual that so many teams have gotten into prior to match time. It goes something like this…

8:30- Arrive at courts. Discuss clothing selections, car line issues and whatever else you can find to chat about with your teammates. Many teams opt to have a half hour warm-up with their pro.

9:00- Play out points with your teammates.

9:15- Captains exchange line-up. Spend 15 minutes discussing what you may know about your opponents.

9:30- (keep in mind that at 9:30 the first ball should be in play). Meet and greet with your opponents, warm-up with your opponents as if you haven’t hit the first ball. And if it couldn’t get any worse, someone decides they need to go to the restroom. Now some partners really do get the call of nature while others strategically choose to go into the bathrooms to discuss anything they may have noticed in the warm-up about their opponents.

9:45- If you’re lucky, your match will finally begin.

Below are the rules of the area league regarding start times.

Starting and Default Times

  1. All players have a 15 minute warm up, which must be concluded by 9:30a.m. for first round play. It is the captain’s responsibility to arrange for warm up time prior to match starting time.
  2. Water must be obtained and/or bathroom breaks must be taken before 9:30a.m., or preferably, before 9:15a.m.
  3. Default time will be the same as the starting times: 9:30a.m., for the first round and 10:45a.m., for late play. Captains will be responsible for starting the matches promptly at 9:30a.m. Late play participants must be there by 10:45a.m


What do you think about this topic and can there be a remedy?


Authored by: Donna Siskind

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