Personalize your racquet with iDapt

Dunlop gives YOU the ability to create the perfect racquet!
With its groundbreaking iDapt Technology, this racquet allows the player to select from 3 different cosmetic options, two lengths (standard and 27.5″), and 3 different levels of feel: soft, medium and firm.
The iDapt Force 105 is packed with comfort, power and spin. With its luxurious 105 square inch head, this racquet has a generous contact zone. The crisp feel keeps the response predictable and precise, a fact that should translate into extra confidence under pressure. Dunlop’s Aero Boost Grommet System enables the strings to both absorb more impact shock and transfer greater power to the ball. The result is a very smooth ride with easy access to depth. For those who want even more power, this racquet comes with the option for a longer handle. The extended length not only provides increased stability and powerful momentum on groundstrokes, but it adds some noticeable pop on volleys and serves. With its innovative Shock Sleeve Technology, the iDapt Force 105 lets the player select a soft, medium or firm level of feedback. Considering all these options, this racquet provides the player with an unprecedented degree of control over performance variables. All in all a great option for any player looking for a racquet with power, comfort, spin and plenty of room for experimentation.



Authored by: Donna Siskind

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