What’s Your Tennis Personality?

What’s Your Tennis Personality?

What is Your Tennis Personality?

1. Your favorite tennis player is:

a. Lindsay Davenport. She’s such an all American girl.

b. Maria Sharapova. The outfits she wears on the court are to die for.

c. Tonya Harding. She may not play tennis, but that girl knows how to compete.

d. Women’s tennis has provided so many role models; it is hard to pick just one.

2. How would you describe your ideal partner?

a. I like a partner with long legs who can cover the court.

b. My twin sister.

c.  My ideal partner gets her first serve in and then moves over. I can handle the rest.

d. I like a partner who is a steady player with all around decent strokes and an even temperament but who is not afraid to discuss strategy.

3. Most leagues allow for a 10 minute warm-up. Your idea of a good warm-up is:

a. Getting to know your opponents. Tennis is always more enjoyable especially when you know something about your opponents. So far, I still hold the record for the most grandkids.

b. Reapplying sunscreen and lipstick. After all, good skin is the foundation of my good looks.

c. Smashing overheads down my opponents’ throats and returning their warm-up serves out of the court. Everyone knows you get bonus points for direct hits and making your opponents chase down balls during warm-up. This also aids in wearing them out before the match even starts.

d. Hitting lightly at the net to start and then returning to the baseline to warm up ground strokes. I make sure to make a mental note of any visible weaknesses in my opponents and if they are left or right handed.

4. You have played three sets against your rival team and walked off the court defeated. Making matters worse, you are told that your loss moves your team into last place. Your first words as you leave the courts are:

a. “Where are we going for lunch?”

b. “Urgh, don’t look at me. I must be a fright without my lipstick”.

c.  “I’m going to file a grievance. My serve in the third game of the second set was in and they called it out. You know they stacked the line-up.”

d.  “I’m sorry guys, I know how badly we needed that point and we played hard, our opponents just out played us today. I know if we can cut down on unforced errors, we will do better next week.”

5. On match day you are never without:

a. My “Number 1 Grandma” pin and bedazzled visor. Both are great conversation starters

b. My designer sunglasses and Stella McCartney tennis dress. I love her clothes. They’re so much more flattering than those ugly old team uniforms.

c. My double knee braces and black paint under my eyes that cut down the glare and scare the bejesus out of my opponents.

d. My team uniform, cold towels for the team, and the league rule book of course.

6. Your partner serves a perfect serve down the T and the opponents call it out. How do you respond?

a. I never question calls. Besides, I was listening to the conversation on the other court. Did you know the restaurant down the street is having a happy hour today?

b. Does this dress make me look fat?

c. “Hell, No!” The only way to deal with a bad call is to argue. If I can’t pressure them into changing the call, I simply retaliate by making a bad call on my side. It usually washes out in the end.

d. I politely ask my opponent to reaffirm the call. If they are certain, I accept it. If my opponents are uncertain, they lose the point, and we move on. There is never any sense in arguing.

7. During a league match, your opponents both retreat to the baseline when serving. Your response is:

a. Oh shoot, I was enjoying my conversation with the net player.

b. I wish she would move in a bit closer. I can’t tell if that divine skirt has a green or turquoise trim.

c. Yeah Baby! We have them scared now. I can really whale on the ball.

d. Hmm, these are some smart players. They are changing to a defensive position. My partner and I need to talk.


Mostly A’s

You are a Chatty Cathy.

You are everyone’s sweetheart. You are kind and gracious and always offering words of advice, solicited or not.

Mostly B’s

You are a Fashion Diva Maria.

You are queen of the court and fashion diva at the club. You are always willing to share beauty tips and fashion advice. If the truth be told, we all play for the cute outfits anyway.

Mostly C’s

You are an Over Intense Olivia.

You are an intense, fierce, warrior on the court. You play hard; you play to win, and you don’t care who you step on along the way, opponents or fellow teammates. Unfortunately, the odds are you will never ever turn pro.

Mostly D’s

You are a Perfect Patty.

You are the ambassador of tennis. You know all the USTA and local league rules and keep track of all three balls during your match.

Authored by: Donna Siskind

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